Process Heating

Process heating systems are most common in industrial buildings that need constant heat control. Some of the industries that use process heating the most are Automotive, Computer, Electronics, Cosmetics, Heavy Equipment, Food Processing, textiles, and more. Operations tend to use either direct heat used more mainly drying or indirect heat used to maintain a consistent temperature.

Some of the common process heating systems are fuel based, electric based systems, steam-based systems, and hybrid systems. Fuel-based systems, for example kilns or ovens, use a liquid, solid or gaseous fuel to either combust and create heat (direct heating) or use a radiant heat transfer to create heat (indirect heating). Electric-based systems, while similar to the fuel-based systems, their direct heating passed an electrical current that can include radiation, convection or conduction. The most common examples are infrared ovens and electric arc furnaces. Steam-based systems, used steam to create the heat. These systems are most seen in low-temperature industrial buildings. Finally, Hybrid systems, are the most complex. They use a combination of the process heating technologies, either a hybrid boiler system that is both electric and fuel-based boilers. Or hybrid systems use penetrating electromagnetic (EM) energy/ convective hot air combinations mainly used for rapid drying.

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